Random bits

“Understanding what normalcy looks like on your network so you can pinpoint abnormality is what is really important in the current threat environment,” he says. “Don’t trust only your existing security controls, and get eyes on your network.”

“IT security has evolved into a classic broken windows business. It exists to repair things that shouldn’t break in the first place. Furthermore, every dollar that a business spends on Security subtracts a dollar from expenditure on more worthwhile alternatives—product innovation, improved public services, higher salaries, dividends to investors, etc.”

“US analysts believe they have identified the Chinese author of the critical programming code used in the alleged state-sponsored hacking attacks on Google and other western companies, making it far harder for the Chinese government to deny involvement.”

“[Researchers have designed] a true random number generator that uses an extra layer of randomness by making a computer memory element, a flip-flop, twitch randomly between its two states 1 or 0. Immediately prior to the switch, the flip-flop is in a “metastable state” where its behaviour cannot be predicted. At the end of the metastable state, the contents of the memory are purely random.”

“Cyber ShockWave…featured a number of former US government officials who played the part of senior members of the NSC. The exercise sought to examine how the NSC would react to a major cyber attack in real time…the source of the attack remained unclear during the event…The mock NSC even discussed potentially nationalizing power companies and service providers if they failed to act in the national interest. Ultimately, in the several hours that the war game lasted, the US was increasingly beset by attack with little knowledge of who perpetrated it.” More reaction from Richard Bejtlich.

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